How To Make the Most of Your Fresh Start

How to make the most of your fresh startFresh starts are my favorite!  There is always this nervous anticipation of what’s to come, but with that comes the beauty of doing things differently, honing in on my authentic self and honoring what feels best for me.  I encourage you to focus on the possibility of fresh starts and the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Starting fresh generally means that something has come to an end.  This transition period can be really difficult and filled with a lot of fear of the unknown and fear of the future.  But just like spring always follows winter, you too will get through this transition process and begin with a fresh start.

What are the benefits of fresh starts?

A New Perspective

New beginnings give you a chance to see things clearly.  You can take off the rosy glasses (or not so rosy glasses) and often see things for what they are and not what you embellished them to be in your head. Whether what has ended was a relationship, job, or a life, loss tends to bring us back to what is important.  We get to focus on what really matters.  It’s also a good time to reflect on what has been working, what hasn’t, what you want and don’t want moving forward.  You get to decide what will work best for you moving forward.

Personal Growth

Although endings are always difficult, moments where I have suffered loss, such as the loss of a loved one, relationship or career have been the moments where I have grown the most.  My personal growth is always propelled further.  Once the initial pain of the ending has dulled, it is time to examine the silver lining.  And there is always a silver lining, if you look deep enough.  What have you learned from this experience?  Have you gained any new wisdom because of what has happened?  Have you grown as a person?  Ask yourself, where am I growing during this experience?


Endings tend to drain all of the energy out of you.  Starting fresh gives you a chance to rest.  Certain worries or anxieties that you might have had during your previous situation may be gone or ending and you can enjoy the quiet and stillness.  It is so important to make rest a priority for yourself.  Endings come with a lot of emotions and stress generally.  Make sure you are taking care of yourself during this transition toward the new.

New Possibilities

Fresh starts mean getting excited about new possibilities.  Whether that be new loves, new careers, new friends, new homes or new adventures.  It’s exciting to think about all of the abundance that is just waiting to come your way.  This is your chance to change what wasn’t working.  If you want to act more assertive, or more spontaneous, this is the time where you can experiment and try it on.  I have always loved the idea of reinventing myself, tweaking areas of my life that aren’t working and making myself better.  Upgrading.  Be open to what is possible.  What you are looking for might not come wrapped in the package you were thinking it would, but that doesn’t make it less exciting or less perfect for you.

Fresh Ideas and a Surge of Creativity

Because of all the self-reflection and resting you’ve been doing, you are probably beaming with fresh ideas and a surge in your creative juices.  This is the cleansing power of a clearer mind.  Use this positive energy to your advantage.  Finish the art project you have had sitting in your corner for months, start that blog you’ve been talking about or take that cake decorating class.  The energy of new beginnings is powerful.  Take full advantage of it.

How do I make the most of my fresh start?

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude in every situation has the ability to transform your thinking and your way of life.  Whether your ending was a positive experience or not, practice being grateful for what went well, the lessons you learned, the support system that held you up and the greatness that is to come.  Be grateful for the chance to make different and better decisions moving forward and to honor your needs and your voice.  Expect great things to come your way.  One thing I like to do is write down three things each day that I am grateful for that have brought me joy.  Focusing on the positive really does make a difference.

Be Present

Although beginnings are usually filled with nervous anticipation.  Enjoy it.  Be present.  Focus on the good that it happening in the here and now.  New job, new relationship, new living arrangements, new school.  Soak it all in.  Some of the best memories are made at the beginning during the honeymoon phase.  Remember that eventually the newness will lessen and the mundane will kick in.  There might not be the same excitement and freshness when that happens, so enjoy every ounce of it right now.

Allow Life to Flow

These transitional time periods from old to new can be tricky and difficult to navigate.  Try not to force things into exactly what you’re envisioning in your head.  Allow nature to take its course and let things happen exactly as they should.  Don’t try to force it.  Definitely take inspired action, but be open to the possibilities in all forms, instead to trying to pigeon hole your life into this perfect mold that doesn’t really exist (except in your perfectionistic mind).

Learn Something New

Is there always something you have wanted to learn or wanted to try and have kept putting off?  Now is the perfect time to do exactly that.  Not only will it be fun and exciting, but it is propelling you forward towards more positive experiences.  There is no greater time to start something than the present.  And it may be a welcomed distraction from the old.

Focus on Self-Care

Fresh starts are really a time to turn the focus back on yourself.  What do you need right now to be your best self?  Do you need to change your diet?  Exercise a little bit more?  Do you need more sleep or to spend more time with friends or family?  Do you need extra time to be alone in solitude?  Listen to that inner voice that is telling you exactly what you need in order to glide through this transition with ease.  This would also be an amazing time to start adding little self-care routines to your daily life.  Now is the time to make those habits stick. Make YOU a priority.

There is Beauty in New Beginnings


This can be an exciting time for you, if you let it!  Remember to embrace the moment and enjoy all of the beauty that this new beginning has for you.  Fresh starts don’t have to be filled with fear and anxiety.  Make the most of this unique transition in your life and enjoy what life has to offer you.

What are your thoughts on fresh starts? 


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