Individual Therapy

Do you want to feel like yourself again? 

                  How about better than your previous self? 

                                            A life with more joy and less worry? 

                  A life with purpose and heart?

What if you stop putting yourself on the back burner

                                                                        and start putting yourself first?

                                 Are you ready to give yourself that gift?


I believe in a holistic approach to therapy, meaning that you are not just a cluster of symptoms.  We work together to examine all of the pieces of your life including mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  When we figure out what the “big picture” is, we can begin the process of digging deep to figure out what that means.

It became clear very early on in my career that traditional psychotherapy revolved around a diagnosis.  A diagnosis that followed an individual for their whole lives.  I quickly observed that people often lived up to the diagnoses that they were given, never really getting better, just staying stuck.  That is the reverse of what I want for you.  I want you to leave therapy feeling empowered.  I care less about the diagnosis and more about the person sitting in front of me.

I believe you are the expert of your own story.  I’m just your guide.  You already have within you everything you need to succeed.  It may be lost or forgotten, but that’s where I come in.  To help you rediscover these parts of yourself.  To rediscover your power.  Please contact me to learn more.

What can I expect from therapy?

My approach is relaxed and conversational.  I want you to feel safe to open up and explore the areas of your life that you may be struggling with.  You get to direct where the conversation goes.  If you don’t want to talk about something just yet, you don’t have to.  I may try to nudge you to dig deeper when I feel that you’re ready, but you have the final say.

The first session is all about getting to know you.  I want to know what made you decide to come to therapy, any symptoms you are experiencing and any goals you have for the therapy process.  By the end of the first meeting I will give you an individualized course of action.

Do you take insurance?

I choose not to use insurance because I value your privacy and personal choice. Many people do not know that when you use your insurance for therapy, your therapist will need to provide you with a diagnosis. This diagnosis will follow you and must be declared on all health documents as a preexisting condition.  This information could potentially impact you down the road when it comes to applying for life insurance or certain jobs.

I believe that you know yourself best. When you use your insurance for therapy, you are no longer in charge of your treatment. Your insurance company will determine what your therapy looks like, who you can see and how long your therapy lasts.

I want you to make the most informed decision possible.  If you decide you would like to use insurance and your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits, I can provide you with a receipt detailing your therapy and you may be reimbursed for your treatment.

What are your fees?

All sessions last 50-60 minutes

Individual Sessions $75
Teletherapy  $75 (skype-like sessions, only available in WI and IL)

I do offer a limited amount of reduced-rate slots for those who cannot afford the full fee.

How do I set up my first appointment?

There are several ways for you to make an appointment. Please choose the way that works best for you.

You can call me at 920-358-0893. If I do not answer, please leave a message and I will try my best to answer your inquiry within the next 24 hours.

Send me an email at

Or you can contact me through this secure online form

If you have any questions, please ask.  I’d be happy to give you more information. Look forward to hearing from you soon.