You Are Enough

you are enoughIn honor of women’s day that just passed, I’m sending a little love to all my ladies out there.

Dear Beautiful Soul,

The world has tried to put you in a box. Tried to tell you who you must be and how you must act. Instilled in you impossible standards that can never be met. Stop listening to the madness. You are enough.  Right here, right now, flaws and all, you are enough.

 You are more than your weight, your complexion, your sexuality, your job or your boyfriend.

 You are not broken or imperfect. You are not too sensitive or weak. You are beautiful.

 The world needs you to be completely and entirely you. If you don’t know who the “true you” is yet, start exploring, dig deeper. Tear off the mask.

 The world needs all of your unique gifts, talents and abilities. You are on this earth at exactly this very moment to fulfill a purpose.

 You are but one piece of a giant jigsaw puzzle. If you are not living your purpose, the puzzle is left with a hole, and your place cannot be filled by anyone else. The world loses out on what you have to offer.

 Get out of your mind and leave the I must’s, I should’s and I have to’s at the door.  Start following your heart. Live from a place of love and not fear. Be courageous. Take risks. Believe in yourself. Live a life you can be proud of.

 There is no contribution too small. It is time we start building each other up, instead of tearing each other down.  Encourage the ladies in your life to reach their highest potential. To follow their dreams. Be an inspiration.

You have one life to live. Enjoy the adventure. Make it count. Be extraordinary!


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