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Welcome to Nourishing Eden, a strengths-based, growth-focused counseling center for children through adults.

Megan Weber is a therapist who knows the importance of working with individuals holistically, getting to the root of the problem for lasting positive results. Contact Megan if you are in need of support, encouragement or guidance.

Featured Posts

How To Make the Most of Your Fresh Start

Sep 6, 2016 | No Comments

Fresh starts are my favorite!  There is always this nervous anticipation of what’s to come, but with that comes the beauty of doing things differently, honing in on my authentic self and honoring what feels best for me.  I encourage you to focus on the possibility of fresh starts and the beginning of a new […]

How Being the “Good Girl” is Holding You Back

Jul 14, 2015 | 10 Comments

Would you consider yourself a good girl? Always following the rules and doing what you are supposed to be doing. Not talking back or disagreeing with people, putting others needs before your own. Not making waves and keeping yourself poised and classy at all times. Being the hostess with the smile.  Sound familiar? For the […]

The Art of Setting Boundaries

Jun 9, 2015 | 4 Comments

Do you have a difficult time saying no?  Do you feel like people walk all over you? Do you let things slide too often? You may be lacking boundaries. Everybody needs to be able to set boundaries. They are absolutely necessary for getting your needs met and feeling good about yourself. Boundaries are essential to […]

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