Counseling for Anxiety

Do crowds make you feel anxious and overwhelmed?
Are you often worried that the worst will happen?
Do you feel sick every time you have to take a test?
Are you sick of worrying about being worried?


Anxiety is a normal body response. It’s our body’s way of protecting us and keeping us safe. It should be a clue to you that something’s not right or clue you in on potential threats.

The problem is, that our world has become increasingly overstimulating.  Where we once only had to go through this type of physiological response rarely, we are now getting this stimuli thrown at us multiple times a day. Our body was never programmed to deal with this much stress. This is why so many people today are struggling with anxiety.

Maybe you started off as an anxious kid. And as time passed, the nervousness and panic grew. It was becoming more difficult to be in school. Tests would leave you with sweaty palms and a racing heart. After school, starting at your first real job, you wanted to do everything you could to impress your boss, you worked long hard hours, struggled to sleep and began having panic attacks out of the blue. Your anxiety has gotten so bad that you feel your only hope is to take anti-anxiety medication. But these meds leave you feeling exhausted and out of it. Will these feelings ever go away?

Everyone’s anxiety looks different and they cannot all be treated the same.

What does your anxiety look like?


#1:  Maybe you feel nervous and on edge pretty much all day, most days of the week. You never quite feel “normal.” You might cry easily and often and feel easily overwhelmed by situations that most people seem to handle just fine. You cannot pinpoint exactly why you are feeling anxious.

#2:  Or maybe you start to feel panic in social situations. You hate being in large groups and when you have to be, you place yourself on the outside of the room near the door in case you need to escape. You have a difficult time talking to new people and the thought of speaking in front of the class makes you nauseous.

#3:  Or you might be able to pinpoint exactly what is causing your anxiety: bugs, spiders, heights, water, clowns etc.

Myths about Anxiety


Myth #1:


“If I try hard enough, I can just get over it.”

You may have heard this one from frustrated loved ones or friends before. “Can’t you just suck it up and get over it?” Whether you have been a worrier since birth or you’ve recently developed it, it is unlikely to just go away, regardless of how much you will it to do so.

Have you heard of fight or flight mode? This is why.  Your body has two basic states, “rest and digest” mode and “fight or flight” mode. People who struggle with anxiety have systems that are stuck in fight or flight mode (This is also why so many people with anxiety struggle with digestion issues, because digestion only happens when your body is in rest mode). When we begin to reset your body to stay more often in rest and digest mode, your worrying mind will begin to slow down.

Myth #2:


“Why am I the only one who feels this anxious?”

Guess what, you’re not. Remember, we all feel some degree of anxiety. It can actually be helpful in some cases. Studies have even found that those who had a small amount of anxiety before tests scored better than those who had no anxiety or extreme anxiety.

Nearly one in five people are suffering with some degree of unmanageable anxiety. It is one of the most common struggles I see in my practice. You probably even know many people who struggle with this, they might just be really good at hiding it.

Myth #3:


“People with anxiety are weak.”

This simply is not true.  Like I have already said, anxiety happens to everyone. It is often your body’s sign to let you know that something is not right.   Anxiety can often be made worse by stress, grief, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and other dietary and lifestyle choices.  We will figure out together what is causing you to feel this way and address it.



“If I just avoid stressful situations, my anxiety will go away.”

Stress is a fact of life. You are not going to be able to avoid all stressful and anxiety provoking situations. It just isn’t possible. In fact, avoiding can actually make your worrying worse. Because what you resist, persists. It becomes like the simmering pot that’s ready to explode at any moment.

I can help you take small steps to face your fears, leading to lasting change.

Myth #5:


“Medication is the only way to fix me.”

First of all, you aren’t broken. And secondly, medication is not the only solution. In fact medication alone does not address the underlying issues and only works as a temporary fix, often with negative side effects. If you want more long-term results, we are going to have to dig a little deeper and figure out where all of this nervous energy is coming from.

My approach to treatment involves a variety of tools such as relaxation exercises, meditation, visualization, and of course addressing the core issues that are leading to you feeling overly anxious. We will collaborate to figure out a plan that works for you.

The good news is that you can absolutely lessen your anxiety symptoms without medication!   There is hope. Here at Nourishing Eden, I will work with you to develop a plan that is unique to you and your type of anxiety.

Give me a call or email me and I will happily answer any questions you have and get you set up with an appointment, so you can finally begin to feel better.